Migrating Company Directory module to LISEThis tutorial will give some assistance porting your Company Directory content to the LISE module, an otherwise time consuming job. Rolf, JoMorg   26-02-2022Moving CMS Made Simple module content to LISEA series of tutorials that will give some assistance porting your third party module content to the LISE module, an otherwise time consuming job. Rolf, JoMorg   26-02-2022Add maintenance information to the frontend for the content editorGuide the content editor to correct place in the Admin area to update text. Rolf   04-08-2019Redirect (re)moved pages in CMS Made SimpleMoved pages, news or blog articles at your site, but don't want visitors to get an error 404 page. Redirect them to the current spot at your site. Rolf   23-06-2018Server Time DifferenceHaving problems with start and end time settings in a module? A news article is published, but isn't visible at the frontend of the website... You could have problems with the time settings at your website and/or server. calguy1000, Rolf   07-04-2020Simple Site Info and MgrThese modules provide a way to monitor the maintenance status of your CMS Made Simple websites. Rolf   17-11-2020How to make a sub folder site appear as the root websiteHow to have a website in a sub folder but let it appear as the main domain. To have a more organized root folder at my web server I have my personal website installed in a sub folder. Now I have a better overview over all sub websites. Rolf   10-06-2019Customizing Admin theme without hacking filesIf you want to make small changes to the default CMSMS Admin theme, you can change the core stylesheet files with the risk of overwriting it when upgrading the CMS. But creating a custom Admin theme might be a bit of an overkill for a few changes... CMS Made Simple™ has a - not very well-known - feature for doing this without any risk! Rolf   10-06-2019content_type UDT for use in CMSMS 1.12.x and 2.xIn several of my tips and tricks articles I use the content_type UDT to change the content type of the page. In the 2.x release of CMS Made Simple this method is changed and won't work anymore... Rolf   10-06-2019Risk is probability times impact"The calculation of risk is probability times impact". This is not just a random quote (to me...) It is the basis of risk management that I used a lot in my daily job as a maintenance engineer. Now I still use it when I develop my websites, in example for... Rolf   10-06-2019Mousetrap for template errorsSometimes difficult problems have simple solutions. I noticed in the adminlog of one of my CMS Made Simple™ websites some template errors have occurred, but I didn't know where exactly... Well, just browse the pages and search for the broken page you would say. But this is easier said than done, it is a huge website with let alone over 2000 blog articles. No way I could solve it this way. I created a... Rolf   28-10-2021Website maintenance tipsWhile helping people at the CMS Made Simple forum I have seen a lot of websites and different working methods. I also notice pitfalls and see people having problems that I think could have been prevented... Rolf   23-06-2018Create dynamic sitemap, humans.txt and robots.txt filesTo help search engines like Bing and Google index your website you can use sitemaps and a robots.txt file. A module like SiteMapMadeSimple is a great solution to create your static sitemap. A disadvantage of the module is that after each content change the sitemap file is recreated. For very large websites it can take a while... I had that problem at one of my own websites. A few hunderd pages, a few thousand... Rolf   10-06-2019Send Email Notification on Page ChangeThis is a User Defined Tag / Event combination that sends an email when a page is changed. Rolf   10-06-2019Admin Login Info MailerA simple mailing script based on the existing CMSMS mailer module, to send the newly added admin user's login info to his/her e-mail. Rolf   10-06-2019