Simple Site Info and Mgr

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These modules provide a way to monitor the maintenance status of your CMS Made Simple™ websites.

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  How to use

1. Install the SimpleSiteMgr module at your "master" website (min. CMSMS version 2.0).
After installation you will find the module's Admin page under the CMS home menu button.

2. Install the SimpleSiteInfo module at all your websites (min. CMSMS version 1.12).
After installation you will find the module's Admin page under the Site Admin menu button.

3. Enter the website data and pass phrase for each remote website into the SimpleSiteMgr module.

4. In the website list view of the SimpleSiteMgr module you see all your websites. Simply click on the "Update Information of all Websites" button in the top right corner of the page and all website data will be read from the remote websites.

For each website will be displayed:

  • The installed version of CMS Made Simple,
  • The update status of the CMS, does it need an update or not,
  • All installed modules and versions,
  • The servers PHP version.

And gives a warning when:

  • The config.php file is writable,
  • The core installer file or folder is still present at the server,
  • The website is offline or is set down for maintenance...

  Working example

A screenshot of the SimpleSiteMgr module:


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Simple Site Info and Mgr

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