CMS Can Be Simple - Terms of Use

My tutorials, templates and plugins at CMS Can Be Simple (and those provided by the guest authors) are distributed hoping that they will be useful to you. However, they are distributed without any warranty, which also means there is no implied warranty of merchantability or suitability for a particular purpose.

The information on this website is as it is. I don't give any guarantee it will work when implemented in your (CMS Made Simple) website. Always create a verified backup of your website (files and database) before you use any of the tutorials.

What you can do!

The information on the website can be used freely in personal and commercial projects.

The described methods can be used in websites, web apps and web templates intended for sale. You don't have to link back to CMS Can Be Simple, but I do appreciate it when I’m credited.

What you can't do!

You are not allowed to take my work "as-is" and sell it, redistribute or re-publish it (translated), or sell "pluginized" versions of it. Don't use my demos for the purpose of monetizing the core idea and resource.

Summarized, use the info freely, integrate it, make it your own, but do not copy/ paste my work and sell it or claim that it is yours.
I put a lot of effort in the website, stay fair!

-Rolf Tjassens

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