Moving CMS Made Simple module content to LISE

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CMS Made Simple continues to develop, meaning there are always more modern, leaner ways to achieve site solutions. As community developers come and go, third party modules can end up without an active developer. Popular modules are being forked by other devs and you can keep on using them.
But there are also those modules that have outlived their usefulness, and that the more experienced site developers in the community have found better solutions for within the CMSMS ecosystem.
One of these better solutions is LISE (short for List It Special Edition). A module by JoMorg that allows you to create lists that you can display throughout your website. A versatile module that you really have to try and see its many features!

LISE has a built-in system to import external data into the module. But not all other modules have an export feature... and if it does, it most certainly doesn't fit for LISE to import...

The described method contains a User Defined Tag (UDT) that automatically generates a .csv (comma separated values) file of the content in LISE format, a module template you can adapt to your personal situation and a hidden (secured) content page where you can start the export.

These tutorials will give some assistance porting your modules content to the LISE module, an otherwise time consuming job.

Now that I have your attention. Creating tutorials like these takes many, many hours of brainstorming, coding, writing and testing to get the best working method. Now you can use them for free and saves you a lot of work/money! Help me helping you, buy me a cup of coffee in return!

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Moving CMS Made Simple module content to LISE

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  Last updated: 26-02-2022
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