The LISE module

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The LISE (short for List It Special Edition) module by JoMorg allows you to create lists that you can display throughout your website. A versatile module that you really have to try and see its many options!
The web developer can define fields to constrain what data the client can enter. A number of field types can be specified - text input, checkbox, text area, select date, upload file, select file, dropdown - and additional instructions can be set for each type, for example, input field size, max length, WYSIWYG editor, possible drop down values, possible file extensions, directory paths for file selections, date formats, etc..

  How to use

 Calculate with field values

You can display the content of a particular field tith the short tag:


The values are stored in the database as "objects", so you can't do quick operations with it, like calculations... But there is a work around! First specifically set the value to a "string" and than make it an "integer". In short you have to do this and it will work:

{(int)(string)$item->yourfieldalias * 2}


Show the category in a detail template:
{LISELoader item='category' force_array=1 value=$item->fielddefs.category assign='cats'}
{$category = "{$cats|implode:','}"}
<p>The category is: {$category}</p>

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The LISE module

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