FormBuilder WatchGuard

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Having trouble with the FormBuilder module for CMS Made Simple and need some help troubleshooting? This small User Defined Tag will help you.

What does it do?

Each time a form is successfully submitted a mention will be added to the core Admin Log. It will show the mail and IP address of the sender.

In the first place you now know a message *has* been send. When you didn't receive this mail in your inbox, you do have the mail address of the sender and can contact him or her.

You can also use this info to track down and ban spammers or trolls, since both mail and IP address are stored.

This method is very handy if you need to troubleshoot and you don’t have access to the inbox of the website owner.

  How to use

In the Admin panel create under Extensions > User Defined Tags a new UDT named "FormBuilderWatchGuard".

$mailaddress = isset($params['mailaddress']) ? $params['mailaddress'] : '';
$ipaddress = cms_utils::get_real_ip();

audit('','FormBuilderWatchGuard','Form submitted: ' . $mailaddress . ' (' . $ipaddress . ')' );

Add to the FormBuilder Submission Template of your form the following tag, where in this example $fld_12 is the number of the mail address field. Change this to your forms e-mail field number.

{FormBuilderWatchGuard mailaddress=$fld_12}

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FormBuilder WatchGuard

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