Use a UDT for content stylingUsing PHP-code for styling a content page or blog article is probably not the first thing that comes in mind. But because of the easy way to name and call the UDT, and the flexibility of its content it is very useful!! Rolf   23-06-2018Easy way to use Font Awesome in CMS Made SimpleIn WYSIWYG editors Font Awesome code can be difficult to add, and when have multiple icons in templates it might be a bit confusing... Solution: a simple UDT! Rolf   24-06-2018Additional anti-spam feature in Gbook moduleThe Gbook guestbook module for CMS Made Simple™ has a built-in anti-spam feature. It uses the b8 statistical (Bayesian) spam filter. At one of my websites where I use the GBook module I noticed spammers are getting more clever trying to by-pass the filter and it leaves me more work checking ham or spam... I found a really simple method to hide and show the form. When there is no form, a bot can't fill it in... Rolf   17-11-2020Website style switcherTo make a website accessible for visitors with visual impairments I needed a style switcher to change the output of the template. Not only for text and background colors, but also for (layout) images. Rolf   21-08-2019Customizing Admin theme without hacking filesIf you want to make small changes to the default CMSMS Admin theme, you can change the core stylesheet files with the risk of overwriting it when upgrading the CMS. But creating a custom Admin theme might be a bit of an overkill for a few changes... CMS Made Simple™ has a - not very well-known - feature for doing this without any risk! Rolf   10-06-2019UDT that outputs the current seasonAt our community website I made a header with a changing photo of our village and the surrounding area. I made four folders with photos, one for each season. With a User Defined Tag I read the date and determine what season it is and set it in a Smarty string. With that I change the output of the photo gallery path. Rolf   10-06-2019Create a progress bar with Smarty and CSSIf you want show your visitors i.e. the received money vs. the goal for a charity collection or show the still available tickets to a concert, it is nice to show a progress bar. You can do this with a few lines of Smarty and a bit of CSS. Rolf   10-06-2019Pass a parameter to a global content blockIn CMS Made Simple you can pass your own parameter to a global content block. Rolf   10-06-2019Smartphone call me linkA small User Defined Tag that can be used to create clickable call-me links of telephone numbers when the website is opened in a mobile web browser. After clicking the link it first opens a pop-up box asking for confirmation, to prevent accidental phone calls. Rolf   10-06-2019Highlight moderator name in CGFeedback resultsAs the owner or moderator of a CMS Made Simple website using the CGFeedback module, you often reply to questions asked by visitors. But how to let the visitors see *you* are answering and not another person with your name...? Rolf   10-06-2019Website maintenance tipsWhile helping people at the CMS Made Simple forum I have seen a lot of websites and different working methods. I also notice pitfalls and see people having problems that I think could have been prevented... Rolf   23-06-2018Assign a different header image per pageA recurring question at the CMS Made Simple forum is how to show a different header image for each website page. In this article I will show some examples how this can be done. Rolf   10-06-2019Change website lay-out depending on page contentWith this sample template you have three content blocks, the frontend of the website will change depending on the presence of content in these blocks. There is no need for multiple templates. Rolf   10-06-2019Set, read and debug cookiesA cookie, also known as an HTTP cookie, web cookie, or browser cookie, is usually a small piece of data sent from a website and stored in a user's web browser while a user is browsing a website. You can use cookies to store user settings for i.e. website styling, language preferences, etc. I will show you how to set, read and debug cookies at your CMS Made Simple website. Rolf   04-04-2018Marking protected pages in your navigationWhen using Calguy1000's FrontEndUsers module in CMS Made Simple you can easily protect the content of your pages and hide the buttons in the navigation for visitors who are not logged in. But when you are logged in, you can't see the difference in the menu between regular and protected page buttons. With a small addition to the menu template you can add that feature. Rolf   10-06-2019GeSHi - Generic Syntax HighlighterAdd the Generic Syntax Highlighter (GeSHi) to the frontend of your website. Rolf   10-02-2019Add a class to all page(groups)You can use this small tag to get yourself a class name for the current page. This is very useful when you want to apply particular CSS style only to a certain page, or a subset of pages. Rolf   01-07-2018