Marking protected pages in your navigation

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When using Calguy1000's FrontEndUsers module in CMS Made Simple you can easily protect the content of your pages and hide the buttons in the navigation for visitors who are not logged in.
But when you are logged in, you can't see the difference in the menu between regular and protected page buttons. With a small addition to the menu template you can add that feature.

Because there are several menu templates, I will give a general explanation on adding it. You will need to see for yourself how it works in your template.

  How to use

For changing a navigation template, you have to go to the Design Manager and look for your (default) Navigator template.

Search in the template for the parameter {$node->menutext}. Depending on your template you can find it in multiple lines!

Some examples how to change it:

A. Add a marker

{$node->menutext}{if $node->type == 'feu_protected_page'} *{/if}

B. Change the button styling with a class

{if $node->type == 'feu_protected_page'}<span class="protected_page">{/if}
{if $node->type == 'feu_protected_page'}</span>{/if}

Stylesheet example

.protected_page {
  /* style declarations */

More information on Navigator template parameters.

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Marking protected pages in your navigation

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