Redirect all incoming URL's to the correct canonical URLThere are multiple URL's to open a page at your website, this might have a bad influence at your SEO status and Analytics results. Rolf   19-10-2019Redirect (re)moved pages in CMS Made SimpleMoved pages, news or blog articles at your site, but don't want visitors to get an error 404 page. Redirect them to the current spot at your site. Rolf   23-06-2018Setting up Pretty URL in CMS Made SimpleBy default CMS Made Simple creates a "technical" URL. It is functional, but it lacks aesthetic value. Pretty, or Search Engine Friendly URL is a... Rolf   17-11-2020Setting up SSL in CMS Made SimpleLet's Encrypt SSL provides free SSL certificates, when your host provides popular control panels like cPanel or Plesk the installation for CMS Made Simple™ is very easy. Rolf   10-02-2019Hide your email address on CMSMS web pagesA prefilter file that will automaticly hide an email address at your CMS Made Simple™ site from email harvesting bots that scrap webpages, looking for email addresses. Rolf   23-06-2018Solution within CMSMS for the target="_blank" vulnerabilityOpening a bad link at your site using target="_blank" can give the target website partial access to the browser tab your website is in. Rolf   23-06-2018Force www on all your domains, or not...A generic piece of code you can drop in all of your root .htaccess files to force "www.", or do the opposite and remove the "www." in the URL no matter what the domain name is. Manuel   30-09-2020Easy way to combine and minify JavaScript files and codeLoading separate JavaScript files delays the rendering of a web page. Having a large CMS Made Simple website with multiple JS files, it can have a serious effect on your total page load time. Combine the files into one JS file - just like the {cms_stylesheet} tag does for stylesheets - is a solution for this. I was looking for a simple method to achieve this, but... Rolf   10-06-2019Using strip tags in templates and stylesheetsStrip white space in templates and stylesheets can improve your website in different ways. But what are the best spots to put the strip tags? I always forget it, so will post some examples here to help myself, uhh you :) Rolf   10-06-2019Flexible HTML code block in your blogs WYSIWYG editorSometimes you need to add HTML-code to a blog article, i.e. an iFrame or some code to include a third party (YouTube) movie. Using a WYSIWYG editor this isn't possible, you need to put the code in a Global Content Block and copy the GCB-tag in the text-editor. Having a small website this works fine, but for large websites it is a different story. The down side is you get lots of GCB's associated with different articles, the admin doesn't get clearer of it... Rolf   23-06-2018