Smarty Templating Basics

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CMS Made Simple™ uses Smarty to build core and third party module templates. You can do *so much* with it, but you need to have some basic knowledge to start really using it to the fullest. In this tutorial I will give you an oversight of the most useful codes, including practical examples.

Smarty is a template engine for PHP, facilitating the separation of presentation (HTML/CSS) from application logic. This implies that PHP code is application logic, and is separated from the presentation.

This tutorial will always be "work in progress". I will add/change items when I see a related question at the forum or when I come across a problem/solution myself.

  How to use

 Assign a value to a variable

{$foo = 'value'}

Read more about Assign 

A variable can be a:

  • string - a piece of text, "lorem ipsum"
  • integer - a whole number, "34"
  • double/float - a fraction, "32,16"
  • boolean - true/false

 Assign a value to a global variable

{$foo = 'value' scope=global}

Read more about Assign 

 Assign multiple values to one variable

{capture assign=foo}{uploads_url}/images/path/{$image_name}.jpg{/capture}

{$foo} will be ""

Read more about Assign 

 Only display variable when it has a value

{if !empty($foo)} <-- Means, if $foo is not empty
  <div class="bar">
    Value: {$foo}

 Only display content block when it is filled

{$content2 = "{content block='content2'}"}

{if !empty($content2)} <-- Means, if $content2 is NOT empty
  <div id="content2">

 Only display when variable is empty

{if empty($foo)} <-- Means, if $foo is empty
  <!-- $foo has no value -->



!   NOT
&&  AND
||  OR


 Always display in lower case

This is used to lowercase a variable.


'AbCdEf' will be 'abcdef'
'abcdef' wil be 'abcdef'

Read more about Lower 

 Always display in upper case

This is used to uppercase a variable.


'AbCdEf' will be 'ABCDEF'
'ABCDEF' wil be 'ABCDEF'

Read more about Upper 

 Capitalize words

This is used to capitalize the first letter of all words in a variable.


'abc def ghi' will become 'Abc Def Ghi'

Read more about Capitalize 

 Give a variable a default value

{$foo|default:'Default value'}

Read more about Default 

 Rounding value


'20,23' will become '20'

 Truncate value


Read more about Truncate 

 Get a part of a variable

Return the portion of variable specified by the start and length parameters.


Read more about Substr 

 Price and format

Return the variable with two decimals and replace the dot for a comma.

{$price = '12345'}

The output will be 12.345,00 instead of 12345


 Count values

{$a = '60'}
{$b = '30'}
{$a + $b}

The output will be 90

 Substract values

{$a = '60'}
{$b = '30'}
{$a - $b}

The output will be 30

 Multiply values

{$a = '6'}
{$b = '20'}
{$a * $b}

The output will be 120

 Divide values

{$a = '120'}
{$b = '20'}
{$a / $b}

The output will be 6

 Calculate percentage

{$part = '20'}
{$total = '80'}
{math equation='part/total*100' part=$part total=$total assign='percentage'}

Result will be 25%

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Smarty Templating Basics

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