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The SimplePieMgr module for CMS Made Simple™ is powered by the SimplePie RSS parser. In this article I will show you some tag examples you can use building your own template. Note, the module doesn't have an Admin page, you will find the template in the CMSMS™ Design Manager.

  How to use

Item Title


Item Content


Item Link

<a href="{$onefeed->get_permalink()}">Read more</a>

Item Date

{$onefeed->get_date()|date_format:'%Y-%m-%d %H:%M'}

More information about strftime format parameters.

Item Author

{if $author = $onefeed->get_author()}{$author->get_name()}{/if}

Enclosure Image

{if $enclosure = $onefeed->get_enclosure()}
  <img src="{$enclosure->get_link()}" alt="{$onefeed->get_title()}" />

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SimplePieMgr template

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