Redirect all incoming URL's to the correct canonical URLThere are multiple URL's to open a page at your website, this might have a bad influence at your SEO status and Analytics results. Rolf   19-10-2019Very simple solution to protect some content with a passwordIn this tutorial Velden will show you a way to implement a poor man's solution to protect some content with a password. It will display a simple form to enter a password and press a submit button to get access to protect content. Velden   19-10-2019Automatically send a featured article to social mediaSelect a random CGBlog article and post it once a day to the social media using IFTTT. Rolf   23-07-2018Search Form AutocompleteWebsite visitors can quickly find and select from a pre-populated list of values as they type, leveraging searching and filtering. Rolf   09-09-2019Use a UDT for content stylingUsing PHP-code for styling a content page or blog article is probably not the first thing that comes in mind. But because of the easy way to name and call the UDT, and the flexibility of its content it is very useful!! Rolf   23-06-2018Easy way to use Font Awesome in CMS Made SimpleIn WYSIWYG editors Font Awesome code can be difficult to add, and when have multiple icons in templates it might be a bit confusing... Solution: a simple UDT! Rolf   24-06-2018Admin (failed) login notificationYou want to have more control over your Admin panel? Who is entering it and when are people failing to login... Velden, Rolf   20-05-2018Convert a string to availability imagesA simple and easy to use availability feature for CMS Made Simple™. A User Defined Tag (UDT) converts a comma seperated string of 0's and 1's into a list of images. Rolf   23-06-2018Simple listA User Defined Tag (UDT) in CMS Made Simple™ to convert a plain text content block value into an array of lines. Velden   07-08-2018UDT that outputs the current seasonAt our community website I made a header with a changing photo of our village and the surrounding area. I made four folders with photos, one for each season. With a User Defined Tag I read the date and determine what season it is and set it in a Smarty string. With that I change the output of the photo gallery path. Rolf   10-06-2019content_type UDT for use in CMSMS 1.12.x and 2.xIn several of my tips and tricks articles I use the content_type UDT to change the content type of the page. In the 2.x release of CMS Made Simple this method is changed and won't work anymore... Rolf   10-06-2019Smartphone call me linkA small User Defined Tag that can be used to create clickable call-me links of telephone numbers when the website is opened in a mobile web browser. After clicking the link it first opens a pop-up box asking for confirmation, to prevent accidental phone calls. Rolf   10-06-2019Mousetrap for template errorsSometimes difficult problems have simple solutions. I noticed in the adminlog of one of my CMS Made Simple™ websites some template errors have occurred, but I didn't know where exactly... Well, just browse the pages and search for the broken page you would say. But this is easier said then done, it is a huge website with let alone over 2000 blog articles. No way I could solve it this way. I created a... Rolf   10-06-2019Call a Smarty tag from a UDTFor my pneumatic tube website I used the Products module for CMS Made Simple as an image library. The module was great for this purpose, I can add images and can store additional information in custom fields. But for adding a single image to a page I needed a large module tag with parameters. If at some point I want to change something here I need to change all tags in the pages... I searched and found a method to make this easier for me... Rolf   10-06-2019Create a RSS feed without a moduleI will show you an example RSS feed in combination with the CGBlog module for CMS Made Simple. You can also use it for several other modules, like News, CGCalendar, etc. You need to change the Smarty tags in the feed template matching with the module used. Rolf   10-06-2019Create dynamic sitemap, humans.txt and robots.txt filesTo help search engines like Bing and Google index your website you can use sitemaps and a robots.txt file. A module like SiteMapMadeSimple is a great solution to create your static sitemap. A disadvantage of the module is that after each content change the sitemap file is recreated. For very large websites it can take a while... I had that problem at one of my own websites. A few hunderd pages, a few thousand... Rolf   10-06-2019Set, read and debug cookiesA cookie, also known as an HTTP cookie, web cookie, or browser cookie, is usually a small piece of data sent from a website and stored in a user's web browser while a user is browsing a website. You can use cookies to store user settings for i.e. website styling, language preferences, etc. I will show you how to set, read and debug cookies at your CMS Made Simple website. Rolf   04-04-2018Send Email Notification on Page ChangeThis is a User Defined Tag / Event combination that sends an email when a page is changed. Rolf   10-06-2019Show a list of the recently updated pagesOutputs a list of recently updated pages. This code is forked from the CMS Made Simple {recently_updated} plugin. At the existing CMSMS plugin it isn't possible to change the lay-out of the output. I needed it for my website though, so I created this UDT which gave me more flexibility. Rolf   10-06-2019Admin Login Info MailerA simple mailing script based on the existing CMSMS mailer module, to send the newly added admin user's login info to his/her e-mail. Rolf   10-06-2019Count days, is this page recent?With this User Defined Tag you can calculate the age of a content page and use it in your page/template to show a notice or style some text. Rolf   23-06-2018Hide forms for certain IP addressesHide website forms for certain IP addresses (partial banning) Rolf   07-06-2018Make a link to a fileUser Defined Tag to create a link to open a file, followed by the filesize. Rolf   23-06-2018Get a page's root parent's hierarchy-positionThis User Defined Tag gets the hierarchy-position of a pages very top parent. Rolf   06-06-2020Get a page's root parent's aliasThis User Defined Tag gets the alias of a pages very top parent. Rolf   06-06-2020Count itemsSmall User Defined Tag that count items in an array, useful for several modules like News, CGBlog, Products, etc. Rolf   23-06-2018List of imagesAn example UDT which reads the images in a folder and shows it in a unordered list. With JQuery, Fancybox and some styling you can use it to create a simple photogalery. Rolf   23-06-2018Table of contentsGenerate a table of contents for your pages based on the heading tags. It requires, depending on how you want to use it, IDs or anchors in your page. Rolf   23-06-2018Add a class to all page(groups)You can use this small tag to get yourself a class name for the current page. This is very useful when you want to apply particular CSS style only to a certain page, or a subset of pages. Rolf   01-07-2018