Use module template output in multiple content blocks

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This page is on a desktop screen built with two columns. The main column where this text from the CGBlog detail template is displayed, and a sidebar on the right with other static content. But the data in the grey box on the right is also generated by the CGBlog detail template!

Note: This article is written for the CGBlog module, but can be used for all modules!

  How to use

In order to use this method the default {content} block has to be parsed by the Smarty template engine in the top of the Core::Page template. Read the following article for a more extended tutorial: Base CMS Made Simple page template with automated metatags.

Example Core::Page template
    {$content = "{content}" scope=global} <------ Pay attention
    {$content2 = "{content block='content2' label='Sidebar'}" scope=global}
{/strip}<!DOCTYPE HTML>
<html lang="en">
    <head> </head>
        <header> </header>
        <nav> </nav>
            {$content} <------ Pay attention
        <footer> </footer>

At this point it isn't that difficult... Assign the content you want to use in another content block in the modules detail template to a global Smarty parameter.

Capture the parts you want to "export", in example:

{capture assign='content_for_sidebar'}
  <div class="text-block">
    <h3>Title: {$entry->title}</h3>
    <p>Author: {$entry->fields.Author->value}</p> {* Custom field *}

{$content_for_sidebar = $content_for_sidebar scope=global}

The code has to be in the detail template, it makes no difference if it is in the top or the bottom of the template... But now that I think about it, you can also use this for summary templates of course.

Read the following article for a more extended tutorial: Smarty scope examples.

On the default and hidden detail page with two content blocks you call the exported content by adding in the sidebar content block:


That should do it!

Ohw, just in case your detail page is NOT hidden, the generated output can give a PHP Notice because the parameter isn't set. Prevent this by adding:


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Use module template output in multiple content blocks

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