Adding previous and next links to the modules detail pages

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This tutorial demonstrates the power and simplicity of Smarty template code by using it to add previous and next buttons to the CMS Made Simple™ News module without any UDT.

  How to use

Create a new News summary template, named "prev_next_links", with the content:

{foreach from=$items item=the_entry}
  {capture append='allIDs'}{$the_entry->id}{/capture}
  {capture append='allURLs'}{$the_entry->moreurl}{/capture}

{foreach from=$allIDs item=someID name=findmyID}
  {if $currentID == $someID}{$currentkey = $smarty.foreach.findmyID.index}{/if}

<p class="next-button">
  {$nextkey = $currentkey+1}
  {if isset($allURLs[$nextkey])}
    <a href="{$allURLs[$nextkey]}">Next article</a>&nbsp;&gt;

<p class="prev-button">
  {$prevkey = $currentkey-1}
  {if isset($allURLs[$prevkey])}
    &lt;&nbsp;<a href="{$allURLs[$prevkey]}">Previous article</a>

In the detail template of the module you should add these lines at the spot you want to have the buttons in the template:

{$currentID = $entry->id scope=global}
{News summarytemplate='prev_next_links'}

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Adding previous and next links to the modules detail pages

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  Last updated: 30-09-2020
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