Embed YouTube video via a cookieless domain Since the EU Cookie Law and the new General Data Protection Regulation law the use of (tracking) cookies is controversial. You need a cookie consent feature when embedding YouTube videos at your website to comply with these laws... Rolf   29-08-2018 Loading static content from a cookieless subdomain Minimize your HTTP requests generating your CMS Made Simple-powered website by loading static content from a cookieless subdomain. Rolf   07-08-2018 Add maintenance information to the frontend for the content editor Guide the content editor to correct place in the Admin area to update text. Rolf   04-08-2018 Automatically send a featured article to social media Select a random CGBlog article and post it once a day to the social media using IFTTT. Rolf   23-07-2018 Reuse of CGEcommerceBase address data Manage the address information of your webshop at the CGEcommerceBase modules Admin page and use it all over the website! Rolf   06-07-2018

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